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How much is a black pearl?

The price of a pearl is determined by the size, the shape and the quality of the specimen.

More expensive pearls will be larger, more spherical, and A quality.

A small pearl with an average quality can cost around $100 USD


Why are Tahitian Pearls Black?

This is because of the oyster that creates the pearl - the Pinctada Margaritifera - a black lipped oyster (the lips that give the dark pigment to the pearl)


Do you find black pearl outside of Polynesia?

Polynesia produces about 97 % of all black pearls the mid 1960ís. The rest can found around neighboring islands in the Pacific.


Why are Tahitian black pearls are not all black?

This is because of the pigment of the mantle tissue used for the graft - the black lip - the lips contain not only black pigment but also full the full spectrum of colors. This gives us dark pearls with blue, green and even pink dominant colors.

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