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the farm

The Farm: A Unique Experience
The Farm at the Bora Bora Pearl Company brings you the extraordinary thrill of discovering the secrets of the Tahitian cultured pearl. It is also a unique experience as you are given the opportunity to reenact the long lost gestures of ancient pearl divers as you dive to the bottom of the world’s most beautiful lagoon to find a pearl, your own pearl, yours to keep. Visit The Farm and fully grasp the mysteries of the birth of the cultured pearl. Discover a unique masterpiece, a gift from a capricious Mother Nature, the result of the unlikely conjunction of luck and the work of men. The Tahitian pearl is born inside a fragile black-lipped oyster: the Pinctada margaritifera, variety Cumingi. The pearl creation process begins with the introduction of a foreign substance into the flesh of the oyster. This meticulous and delicate operation only produces its results 2 years later, with no guarantee of success. Only three out of every 100 pearls born are perfect. The Farm allows you to witness each stage of life of this gem from the lagoons, from the grafting to the birth of the pearl, the magical instant when it reveals its brilliance, its orient and its exceptional colors. Truly a rare moment.

The Workshop
A wonderful option is to have a special piece of jewelry created just for you and in front of your eyes. You select the design, the mounting and the precious metals that will reflect your personality, in a unique, unduplicated creation. Be it unusual creations or adaptations, you will watch in fascination, step by step, as the master jeweler composes your own, peerless, original Tahitian pearl jewelry.

Finding a pearl, your pearl, is a magical and fabulous sensation, that can only be experienced in the unique, turquoise lagoon of Bora Bora.
Just like the very first pearl divers of many years ago, you come back the surface with your chosen oyster, which just may contain a beautiful Tahitian cultured pearl. You may tremble with excitement and anticipation as the oyster is opened before your eyes. You’ll quickly be enraptured as you admire the perfection of the Tahitian pearl inside. That’s the unique adventure The Farm offers you, an unforgettable experience and an exceptional gift. When you “dive for it” you are ensured that regardless of the success of your “catch”, you will leave with the most beautiful of loose pearls.


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